Adapted by author from considerations for a personal 10th Step in his book
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Read the Big Book one paragraph at a time from pg.84 through pg.85 and consider the following questions which have been compiled from the Big Book and A.A. shared experience, making notes of considerations for later meditation on, or discussion with your family.

How have I focused on or blamed others in the family rather than to continue to take personal inventory of my own conduct? Have I failed to set right any of my own mistakes as I’ve gone along?

Have I entered the world of the Spirit, the ability to go to that place within and bring that out into the family?

How have I lacked understanding and effectiveness in my family?

How have I exhibited selfishness, dishonesty, resentment, and fear in my family? And when these crop up, have I ignored them and just stayed in self instead of discussing them with someone immediately and not made amends even if I have harmed anyone? Have I focused my thoughts only on myself and how I can meet my own needs?

How have I been unloving and intolerant towards others in my family and not made love and tolerance of others my code?

How have I personally continued fighting anything or anyone in the family?

How have I personally let up on my spiritual program of action and rested on my laurels, believing that what has been achieved or accomplished in the family is enough or all there is?

Have I failed to seek growth and maintenance of my spiritual condition? How has that effected my family?

How have my thoughts or actions been self serving rather than trying to carry the vision of God’s will into all of my families activities, “How can I best serve Me?"

Have I personally sensed the flow of God’s Spirit in the family and to some extent have I become God-conscious. Receiving strength, inspiration, and direction from God through the family?

pg.85-¶2-L7 and pg.85-¶3-L1
To grow in understanding and effectiveness we must go further and that means more action. In prayer and meditation consider what thoughts have come and what actions may be taken to move the family beyond where it is today?