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Is Our Group Aligned With The Twelve Traditions?

From the pamphlet "The AA Group."
"Some groups take inventory by examining our Twelve Traditions, one at a time, to determine how well they are living up to these principles."

The following questions were taken from the core of what is said in the book "Alcoholics Anonymous" pages 564 - 568 and also from the book "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions." Read the corresponding Tradition out of the Big Book then the consideration. If you can answer yes to any of these it is against the Twelve Traditions

1. Does our group put the interests of any individual above the welfare of the group or of AA as a whole?

2. Does our group do anything that misrepresents the conscience of the majority of the group?

3. Does our group exclude anyone with a drinking problem from attending the group?

4. Does our group do anything that does not conform to AA principles and affect other groups or AA as a whole?

5. Does our group do anything that conflicts with our carrying the AA message to alcoholics who want a way out from their drinking problem?

6. Does anything we do affiliate, endorse or bind the group, actual or implied, to any related facility or outside enterprise?

7. Are donations received from anyone other than an AA member?

8. Are there any fees besides meeting expenses being charged for Twelve Step work, ie: fellowship, sponsoring, step work, counseling?

9. Is there a governing individual or exclusive group authority that dictates organization?

10. Does our group do anything that publicly states an opinion or takes sides on any issues or controversy outside of AA?

11. At the general public level of press, radio, film, and television, does the group publicize any individual AA member's name or picture as a self-appointed representative of AA?

12. Does our group give personal distinction to any AA member either among fellow alcoholics or the general public that puts their opinions above the conscience of the group or AA?